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Case Study: Subscription Management and Rewards Program


The client’s app is a regulated and officially partnered extension that allows enterprise readers to access articles behind paywalls of 100s of different publishers with a single subscription. The client needed a way to effectively manage the subscription and improve the rate of adoption while boosting the upside for the publishers.

Business challenges

  • Increase the flexibility of the subscription to allow users to explore articles that best match their interests without needing to overprice the subscription
  • Increase reach and reward user interaction

Innoflexion Solution powered by ChainZ

Using ChainZ’s rich set of APIs, a PoC was built within a couple of days that showcased the ability to utilize the blockchain framework to give each user a wallet that contains tokens. Each subscription comes with a set number of tokens and each section/ article is restricted by a paywall that can be accessed by utilizing the tokens. The article can also be shared thus increasing it’s reach and the reader is incentivized to share through the rewarding of tokens that can then be used to read more, thus increasing and incentivising reading, sharing and engaging.

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