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Traditional Blockchain vs FlexBlok BaaS

The traditional approaches to developing and deploying blockchain apps can be costly, complex, and time-consuming. Leveraging BaaS to add Web 3.0 features translates to better valuation, better security, and more customers.

Traditional Blockchain

FlexBlok BaaS

Traditional Blockchain

FlexBlok BaaS

The Platform


Support NFT issuance/transaction

Identity Authentication

Decentralized self-sovereign identity authentication

Document Management

Proof of authenticity/time stamping of document

Data Tracing

Trace and share data creation, transfer, and track change history

Key Management

Secure recovery in the event of user key loss/leakage


Issue tokens and form a token economy

Build your solutions with your EXISTING Web 2.0 Teams

Rich API

A range of diverse and flexible APIs suitable for complex business requirements. SDK to support mobile DApp development

High Availability

FlexBlok provides high availability by dynamically matching your software throughput needs. This robust architecture ensures the success and speed of each transaction.

Enterprise Ready

FlexBlok is a private Ethereum-based blockchain platform that has been verified for government and enterprise scale services using Hyperledger Besu as its core. FlexBlok provides interoperability with enterprise solutions by complying with EEA standards.

Easy Adoption

Simplified development and easy deployment of blockchain applications using value-added specialized APIs. Eliminates technical hurdles in blockchain

Highly scalable and interoperable

Provides multi-chain interface for HyperLedger and Ethereum-based blockchains. Scale-out structure based on usage

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FlexBlok delivers a multi-chain platform that anyone can use to build Web3 applications with ease.

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SK: Our Partnership And What It Means For You

SK Group (Korean: SK그룹, 에스케이그룹) is the second largest South Korean conglomerate behind Samsung Group. SK Group is composed of 186 subsidiaries and affiliates that share the SK brand name and the group’s management culture, named SKMS (SK Management System).

SK and Innoflexion are complementary in nature at this time.
Innoflexion’s success with Product Engineering services for start-ups to Mid Sized Enterprises and SK’s large company credibility and proven solutions provides the perfect blend of experimentation and experience to drive your ideas

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