Blockchain as a Service

BaaS gives organizations a faster, less complicated pathway for blockchain experiments and provides the platform for creating and executing blockchain applications that operate on all data flowing across a value chain.


The BaaS model allows businesses to gain access to a blockchain provider’s services, wherein they can develop Blockchain applications with minimum costs. Using a blockchain-as-a-service model, customers can focus on their main business and competitive strategies, while counting on a BaaS partner to manage their Blockchain infrastructure and performance.


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How BaaS Works

BaaS operators ensure the preservation and management of critical objects and services related to blockchains. Additionally, they can regulate bandwidth, allocate capacity, assess storage needs, and identify security risks. BaaS lets consumers concentrate on their core activity — blockchain technology — instead of worrying about infrastructure and performance issues.

BaaS functions like a sort of web host, running the back-end operation for a block-chain based app or platform.

Blockchain as a Service could be the catalyst for the wide-scale adoption of blockchain throughout various industries and firms. Big or small companies can now simply “outsource” their technological complex tasks so they can focus on their core business rather than managing and developing their own blockchains.

Blockchain Impact by Industry


A joint inititiative from Innoflexion and SK Group, ChainZ is a private Ethereum-based blockchain platform that has been verified for government and enterprise-scale services using open Hyperledger Besu as its core. ChainZ provides an enterprise blockchain platform that is business-ready when time-to-market is essential.

  • Launch Blockchain Projects Quickly: You can launch a project quickly using ChainZ blockchain platform configuration optimization.
  • Quickly verify feasibility: You can develop blockchain services by leveraging ChainZ’s service-orientated MainNet using the ready-made utility APIs
  • Simple Blockchain infrastructure: ChainZ MainNet can be used as a service or easily implemented on your private cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) and on-premise.

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Case Studies

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Green Initiative

Carbon Emission Reduction and promoting health with a social media flavor Solution Personal wallet creation / management and rewards based on blockchain technology Rewards earned

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e-Doc Management

Optimized e-Doc service that guarantees authenticity and integrity of the public-sector procurement documents using blockchain. Solution Built on the private Multichain platform, which provides functionalities

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SK: Our Partnership And What It Means For You

SK Group (Korean: SK그룹, 에스케이그룹) is the second largest South Korean conglomerate behind Samsung Group. SK Group is composed of 186 subsidiaries and affiliates that share the SK brand name and the group’s management culture, named SKMS (SK Management System).

  • SK and Innoflexion are complementary in nature at this time.
  • Innoflexion’s success with Product Engineering services for start-ups to Mid Sized Enterprises and SK’s large company credibility and proven solutions provides the perfect blend of experimentation and experience to drive your ideas
  • Complete transparency to operational and financial metrics.

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